Spooky Good and Scary Fun!

Enjoy the spooktacular sweet n' salty goodness of the Kathy Kaye™ Halloween Popcorn ball.

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Classic Carmel Cob® Junior!

Caramel Cob® is a Soft & Chewy Caramel Popcorn shaped just like an ear of corn. The delicious home-made taste sends you back to Grandma's kitchen.

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Piece of Cake!

Easy to slice Soft N' Buttery Popcorn Bundt Cake with Gourmet Drizzle.

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So Good It's Scary

No one will be saying BOO to these yummy Halloween Caramel Cob® Juniors. The caramelly goodness of Caramel Cob® with Halloween sprinkles. They are so good it's scary.

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Let's Have a Ball!

Crunchy, Sweet n' Salty fun with Gourmet Drizzle. The Kathy Kaye™ Gourmet Crunchy Popcorn Ball is the newest member to the family.

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