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Kathy Kaye Easter Caramel Popcorn Square
(1.25 Oz. Squares)

Easter Popcorn Squares can be purchased online when in season. Check back in 2022

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Looking for a new way to enjoy an old favorite? These sweet treats make an excellent snack for any occasion! Try them fresh out of the microwave to drive home that homemade taste we guarantee will be warm, gooey and delicious. Warm ‘em in the microwave and you’ll swear Grandma just took a batch of Caramel Corn fresh out of the oven!

•  Each Box/Caddy contains 8 individually wrapped 1.25 oz. Caramel Popcorn Squares

•  Allergen Information: Gluten free, Peanut free, Tree Nut free, contains Soy

•  Made in the USA